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We are temporarily based at Vulcan Works from which we are delivering our limited programme. For any inquiries, please contact us via this page. 

Atelier17: Illusion, Interaction, Introspection

22 - 30 May 2023

Between 22nd and 30th May, NN and University of Northampton (UON) presented ‘Illusion, Interaction, Introspection’, an exhibition by the collective Atelier17, final year BA Photography students at UON. This exhibition showcased their creative works produced over the course of their final year.The exhibition was held at the temporary NN Contemporary Art Project Space in Vulcan Works, Northampton.

The exhibition comprises seventeen different conceptual approaches and artistic mediums surrounding different forms of photographic practice, presented through, among other formats, installations, sculptures, digital screens, and printed works. The title ‘Illusion, Interaction, Introspection’ refers to the multiplicity of the practices in the exhibition, which explore hyperreality, nostalgia, illusions, mental health, movement, sensory stimulation, and fantasy.

‘Illusion, Interaction, Introspection’ was curated by the students in collaboration with NN as part of their ‘Practice Exhibition’ module, with Paula Zambrano leading as Curator. Throughout the module various members of NN staff worked with students to develop an exhibition project and invited guest speakers from the professional art world to mentor the students and share practice and expertise on the curatorial and developing professional creative practice. Guest Speakers for 2023 included Angelica Sule (Site Gallery Sheffield) & Joseph Constable (De La Warr Pavilion). 

On Thursday 25th May the exhibition opened its doors later from 6pm-8pm for a special Opening Reception, where all members of Atelier17 were present to talk about their work in more detail.

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