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Musarc: ‘The Performance That Hasn’t Happened Yet’ with The Northampton Complaints Choir

2 July 2023
Musarc, The Northampton Complaints Choir, 2023, NN Contemporary Art, Northampton. By Tara Florence.
Musarc: The Northampton Complaints Choir, ‘The Performance That Hasn’t Happened Yet’, 2023, NN Contemporary Art, Northampton.
Photograph by Tara Florence.

Curated by Simon Wright

Northampton Complaints Choir (Open Song) was a temporary choral society that emerged from a series of workshops and social events over the space of three weekends between April and July 2023 in Northampton: 22-23 April, 20-21 May, and 1- 2 July.

The project was commissioned as part of Sensing Place, an initiative by NN Contemporary Art that asks: what does it take to create more just and equal environments? How can we collaboratively inhabit places and foster a sense of belonging in our communities? The choir offers an opportunity to meet new people, experiment and take part in collective music making and performance. 

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2023, NN Contemporary Art, Northampton. By Tara Florence.

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