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Revolt. Revive. Rekindle. exhibition


Revolt.Revive.Rekindle. has been developed from a mutual disappointment in the UK government’s campaign that suggested that creatives should ‘retrain’, showing a lack of support for creative industries during and following a global pandemic. The project itself was organised by the Collective Vision, a group of young artists on the ambassador scheme at NN Contemporary Art. This programme provides its ambassadors with a (currently online) platform to learn about professional arts, as well as work together to develop professional arts projects, such as this exhibition.

The artwork for this exhibition was selected through an open call for submissions, which asked applicants to submit works as well as artist statements that promoted the validity of creative practices. The group aimed to showcase the value of artistic enquiries and bring together a collection of people who were either starting out in a career in the arts, finding comfort in creativity outside of their professional life, or people who are rekindling an old love for the arts after choosing a different path. The exhibition intends to draw attention to those pieces which can be overlooked or misunderstood and give it a new space within the modern world.

Participating artists: Andrada Paunescu, Fleur Debruyne, Georgia Franklin, Iain Douglas, Mark Coverdale & Oscar Crawford, Ida- Anamaria Olteanu, James Tebbutt, Jessie Rae, Joanna Chi Kei Kou, Joe Westley, Josephine Sams, Juliet Babbs, Maksim Podorozkin, Marina- Madalina Dumitra, Mia Henderson, Miranda Smart, Rebecca Dainty, Rochelle Ikin, Rosie Haynes, Sarah Thorp, Scot Greenwell, Teresa Williams and Tony Kinnear

Who are the Collective Vision?

The Collective Vision are a group of young, female creatives brought together during the pandemic through an online programme organised by NN Contemporary Art in Northampton. The five members bring to the group a range of experience within fine arts and photography and are all working at different stages within their careers, from students, recent graduates as well as professional photography work and arts education.

As gallery ambassadors, their first project was organising and curating an online exhibition of local artwork. The group were driven by their mutual disappointment in the government’s controversial campaign which encouraged creatives to ‘rethink, reskill and reboot’. The motivation to revolt against this has stemmed from the group’s collective belief that creativity cannot be confined, restricted, or discouraged. It has no age limit and does not only lend itself to those who professionally call themselves ‘artists’. The group’s work has a powerful aim to create spaces where people’s creativity can flourish and be shared with others.

Revolt.Revive.Rekindle. was developed as part of the NN Ambassadors programme at NN Contemporary Art and with generous support from SEMLEP and the Arts Council England.

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