NN Contemporary Art is currently closed whilst we undergo capital renovation works at 24 Guildhall Road, with a planned opening to the public in early 2022. Meanwhile, we host our programme of events online.

Socially engaged practice: Fostering connections through Digital: Heather Peak Morison


Thursday 15th October 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Studio Morrison’s Co- Director, Studio Morrison has been developing our future engagement and creative communities offer, working to develop a civic reading room within NN Contemporary. Studio Morrsion’s signature practice deals with ‘social sculpture’; harnessing the power of communities, creativity and contexts to co-author new sites, skills, subjects & objects. In dialogue with Emer Grant and Samantha Lindley, Heather will present the Studio’s latest adventures in VR, introducing audiences to interactive institution building through ‘The Last Place on Earth’ project’ for HOME Manchester.

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