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Work in Progress with ;a place, of their own


Work In Progress was a free event open to artists and makers at all stages of their careers. This WIP was led by ;a place, of their own, beginning with a presentation of their practice and a Q&A, and the opportunity to present your work-in-progress in a friendly and supportive peer review.

;a place, of their own was co-founded by Paula McCloskey and Sam Vardy and is an art and spatial research practice. They work on transdisciplinary collaborative research projects that critically investigate entanglements of geopolitics, art, and climate crises, taking an intersectional approach which responds to historical and contemporary issues of (de)colonization and using a feminist praxis to create new imaginaries. They have co-produced site-specific performance, video, installations, sound and publications concerning borders, wetlands, geopower, extraction, kinship and ecology.

“The world we want is one with space for many worlds.” Subcomandante Marcos, Zapatistas

Recent works of ; a place, of their own, include Myths for a Wetlands Imaginary 2019, working with Arts Catalyst (funded by Arts Fund) a speculative investigation of planetary wetlands, using performance, participatory workshop, film, sound, and installation; the Eile Project, since 2016 an ongoing performance and audio-visual research practice of the UK/Irish border proposing the notion of border-fictioning; Geopower (Spatial Self Organisation Against Injustice) 2019; explores concerns around fracking and coal mining politics framed in a wider concern for extraction as a contemporary global issue in the face of climate crisis through performative research activities, commissioned by Arts Catalyst. A performance walk followed by a talk, micro-exhibition in community setting engaged over the period of the event up to 50 activists, artists and community members.

During the session the artists introduced their practice, before discussing some aspects of the above projects to start to explore the potential (political) role of the arts in imagining new worlds.

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