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Work in Progress with Alison Goodyear


Work In Progress is a free online event open to artists and makers at all stages of their careers. This WIP will be led by Alison Goodyear. It will begin with an artist talk by Alison and will be followed by a friendly and supportive peer review where you can present your work in progress. 

There is no limit on attendees for the talk but the presentation slots are limited to 5 participants and are open to artists and makers at all stages of their careers.

No preparation is required but you will be able to share your screen if you want to. Just show up and talk about your idea, practice or work in progress to get feedback from the artist and the group. Each participant will have 15 minutes to share their work in progress.

About the Artist

Alison Goodyear is an artist, independent researcher and educator, based in Bedfordshire, who works within an expanded understanding of the painting tradition. Goodyear makes experimental abstract physical and digital paintings, moving image films from virtual reality works utilising sound, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, that perform as immersive encounters. 

These artworks are created by combining traditional painting processes with new media approaches using Tilt Brush and Open Brush software following a mapping, tracing and extrapolating approach, often based on images of her physical paint palettes. This approach reflects on the process of making paintings, from the banal methods such as mixing paint or blocking in of colour, to the strategic aesthetic decisions regarding composition, form, colour, texture, and scale. This approach was developed out of a need to document the painting process for her practice-led PhD research (2017), which examined contemporary painting practice drawing of the theories of Denis Diderot, Michael Fried and David Joselit.

Through these immersive encounters, the relationship of the audience to the painting is addressed by using XR techniques to encourage deeper physical exploration. Subsequently, whilst exploring the processes of making what effectively become three-dimensional worlds, these paintings work to subvert the classical understanding of landscape. They test the idea of painting as place and what that might meant for the artist/maker/producer and the viewer/participant/contributor.

Access Notes

The event will happen on Zoom – a link will be emailed to attendees. This event will be live captioned and transcription will be available afterwards. The event will be recorded for archival purposes. For help with how to set up Zoom and accessibility enquiries, email maria@nncontemporaryart.org

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