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Neeve Galvin Awarded NN Prize 2023

22 June 2023
Neeve Galvin Awarded the NN Prize 2023
Neeve Galvin and her Degree Show exhibition, 22 June 2023. Photograph by Tara Florence.

NNCA is delighted to award the NN Prize 2023 to Neeve Galvin, visual artist and graduate of the Fine Art Painting and Drawing degree programme at the University of Northampton. The prize-giving took place at the opening evening of the Degree Show for the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology on 22 June 2023.

This year’s prize was judged by renowned artist and filmmaker David Panos, who shared his thoughts about Neeve’s work:

“Judging the NN Prize was really difficult – the standard of work was really high (and I’m not just saying that!). It was impressive to see work that was both conceptually sophisticated and beautifully executed. You should all be really proud of yourselves.

Comparing different artworks is inherently difficult if not impossible. So after lots of consideration I had to fall back on subjective taste to guide me through. Neeve’s work made an immediate impact on me and resonates with many concerns I’m interested in as an artist. The work speaks to digital processes but in a way that still involves materiality and craft. It has bold pop energy that hints at subcultural heritage whilst also feeling very of its time. It touches on many disciplines from design to architecture, reflecting the difficulty of positioning art in the 21st Century.

I would have loved to give this award to so many of the artists represented here but congratulations to Neeve and I hope it gives you an opportunity to further develop your practice.”

The NN Prize is awarded every year to one student as recognition of an exceptional degree show presentation developed in the University of Northampton Fine Arts degree programme. The winner receives a prize of £350 to be spent on further professional development and a place on NNCA’s Professional Development Residency programme. It shines a spotlight on the exceptional quality of art education in Northampton, reaffirming the town as a place for students to fully explore their potential, meet other artists and embrace other cultures.

About the Artist: Neeve Galvin
Neeve Galvin is a visual artist who explores a mixed media practice of painting and collage, where colour holds a focal role within the artwork’s impactful image. The artist’s use of a vibrant and fluorescent colour palette creates a striking and eye catching effect.

Galvin’s aim is to convey the individual and unique layers of character a person possesses, with each layer of personality, a.k.a the decorated pages, coming together as one to form a single ‘person’. A graphic design is cut out from every layer to hint at what is showcased underneath.

Neeve Galvin’s aspiration is to create an enlightening experience for the audience.


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