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New volunteering opportunity with Northamptonshire Digital Black Archives

A close-up of around a dozen books from the Northamptonshire Black History Archives. Titles include: Dictionary of Jamaican English, Carribean Social Studies, and Equiano: Enslavement, Resistance, and Abolition

NN Contemporary Art and the Northamptonshire Black History Association are looking for volunteers to support the development of a digital archive documenting Black histories in the region. As part of this opportunity, you will help with cataloguing and digitisation of documents, gain experience of working with archiving equipment and learn about Black history in Northamptonshire and the UK.

The Northamptonshire Digital Black Archives is a project developed by NN Contemporary Art in partnership with the Northamptonshire Black History Association. It involves the digitalisation of the archival documents assembled by the Association, the creation of an accessible online portal, two artist residencies and a public programme. 

Email info@nncontemporaryart.org for more information and to register your interest.

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