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Northamptonshire Black History archives demonstrate little-known histories

As part of a new partnership with NBHA’s archives, we have been uncovering fascinating stories of Black histories in Northamptonshire. 

The Northamptonshire Black History Archives contain a range of materials about Walter Tull, the first Black footballer in Cobblers and the first Black soldier from Northamptonshire and other notable persons from the region. Additionally, there is a series of 25 black-and-white photographs by a local artist Paul Bingham which focus on the lives of Black people in the area, and which were showcased at a ‘Beyond Windrush’ exhibition. The histories covered by the archives also extend beyond Northamptonshire and present historical links between the area and India, Carribeans and African countries through documents ranging from recorded interviews to cookbooks, original publications from the NBHA and educational resources. 

We are currently digitalising the archives to launch a new public resource next year. If you are interested in working the archives get in touch as we will be recruiting new volunteers in the summer. 

Get in touch to volunteer info@nncontemporaryart.org

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