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Recipients of the Professional Development Residency Awards 2021 announced

Congratulations to Gillie Masters, Georgia Watkins, Natasha Toms, Harshita Garode and Jules Bishop, who will be undertaking their residencies at NN Contemporary Art. 
A collage of four artworks; black and white drawing, pop art collage, sculpture showing bricks in a bird's nest and a fragment of a painting.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Faculty of Art Science and Technology (FAST) at the University of Northampton on Professional Development Residency Awards (PDRA) for UoN students and recent graduates. Award winners will gain valuable experience through working with NN Contemporary Art professionals to showcase their work to audiences in our project space, receive feedback on their practice and gain mentoring toward future career aspirations. 

Congratulations to Gillie Masters, Georgia Watkins, Natasha Toms, Harshita Garode and Jules Bishop, who will be undertaking their residencies at NN Contemporary Art. 

About the artists: 

Gillie Masters investigates memory and the act of remembering through concepts that explore personal and ambiguous remembrances, cultivating zeitgeist of particular times. Utilising a heterogeneous variety of media, materials, and techniques to communicate and convey the visual discourse taking place and to start new conversations. Bound in temporality and memory, current work takes on an element of an archaeological dig explicating the temporal and metaphysical aspects of deciphering, uncovering memories, the causality of experiences recalled, along with the spirit of time and place. Whispers, rites of passage, places visited.

Georgia Watkins’ work makes use of creative photography and print processes to assess the intangible and disappearing parts of our universe. She is fascinated by the way we, as human beings, understand something that is unfamiliar and out of our reach. Her subtle representation of the subject provides an ambiguity which invites viewers to look closer to understand what they are seeing. Her current practice focuses on representation of other worlds, through images produced and sent by robots. She is exploring the fragmentation that occurs during the communication of these images and how that can affect our understanding of the universe.

Natasha Toms’ practice utilizes the artwork of the Baroque as her primary source, focusing on the effect these historic artworks have on contemporary artists and audiences. Primarily a painter, her artwork utilizes the photographic to document the awe and sense of unworthiness when faced with paintings by old masters. Forming a visual dialogue that portrays the journey of overcoming and making sense of these images and artists of the past.

Born in India, Harshita Garode ( b. 28th March 1996 ) had a passion for being an artist since she held her first crayon. Since then she constantly strives to become better an artist. At a very young age, she understood the importance of equality of all people, that one should look at the world not as it is, but how it could be. Further growing up her paintings reciprocated the feelings of anguish, pain and misery a woman goes through her life. Thus, she started to examine the issues around feminism which took a structured form and shape in terms of installations, printmaking, paintings and much more in respect to her design process. Graduated from the University of Northampton with a BA Fine Arts degree, where her skills and techniques were professionally shaped and developed to a level where she could be a part of exhibitions and simultaneously worked on commissions. She hopes that through her work and contribution she is able to convey her thoughts and words that illuminate, educate, inspire and motivate. 

Jules Bishop is an artist who wants a society with a caring operating system and a planet with a future.  Her versatile, intersectional practice embodies sculpture, video art, performance, ‘happenings’, print, drawing, dialogue and natural pigments.  Jules raises awareness and facilitates depth of community engagement by means of poetic activism.

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