24 Guildhall Road is currently closed as it undergoes capital renovations before our reopening to the public in 2024.
We are temporarily based at Vulcan Works from which we are delivering our limited programme. For any inquiries, please contact us via this page. 

Sean Griffiths spotlighted by the Guardian 

Photograph of a light-blue building.

We were delighted to see architect Sean Griffiths who is part of the artist-architect team leading the 24 Guildhall Road capital project profiled in a Guardian article. Read the piece Red House, Dorset: the shape of post-post-postmodernism? by Rowan Moore to find out more about the nominal buildings designed by Griffiths. 

Professor Sean Griffiths is the principal of Modern Architect and a practising architect, artist and writer. He was the founding director of the art-architecture collaborative FAT where he won many design awards. Soon we will be sharing visualisations of the new 24 Guildhall Road space with remarkable new designs by Sean.

Photograph: Sean Griffiths

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