24 Guildhall Road is currently closed as it undergoes capital renovations before our reopening to the public in 2024.
We are temporarily based at Vulcan Works from which we are delivering our limited programme. For any inquiries, please contact us via this page. 

Sensing Place Design & Research Symposium

Symposium & Workshop at 24 Guildhall Road on 23, 24 & 25th of November
Free to attend, but tickets are essential – see Eventbrite for tickets
Vegan Lunch Available 
Travel Bursary available*

We invite participation in a three-day symposium/ design workshop to explore new ideas of building place and space for the next phase of design development of 24 Guildhall Road.

We will question universal ideals of making places, the limits of the traditional design processes in developing the public sphere and the agency of participation in consultation. Questions may, for instance, relate to how to negotiate the dynamics and dialogues of a municipality, civic responsibility and compliance, for new assemblages and ideas across cultural formation.

We will question the impact of current policy on affect and emotions. Artists, curators, academics, researchers and public members will gather to reflect upon various economic, environmental, territorial, and political implications of placemaking, as the creative processes by which people and their institutions shape the public realm and build communities.

By proposing that bodies are territories or grounds in which new forms of placemaking can be seeded and grow, we will investigate the relation between interior and exterior spaces, individual and collective experience, the public and the private, and other critical and creative approaches to engage with the embodied experience of publicness.

Through the symposium’s activities, we will reflect on new research practices and explore ways of collapsing the traditional workflows of council-led capital projects, we want to develop a work-in-progress and feedback methodology, incorporating creative writing, and experimental performance as part of blueprint production.

Following presentations and workshops, participants are also invited to review and feedback on current design options and processes as part of Phase 2. 

The symposium is open to the public and includes contributions from artists, designers, architects, planners, academics and curators.

Symposium participants to date** include

The workshop is open to the public and includes contributions from artists, designers, architects, planners, academics and curators. 

*The symposium is free to attend, and NN can provide some travel bursaries to Northampton for those that are unemployed. To apply for a travel bursary, please contact sonia@nncontemporaryart.org.
** More speakers to be announced in due course.

Please ensure you select tickets for all the sessions you are attending.

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