NN Consulting

NN Consulting provides consultancy and commissioning services to arts organisations, the public sector and corporate clients.

NN Consulting’s associates are imaginative, inspiring and bring a fresh approach to the projects NN delivers, drawing on the very best of local, national and international contemporary art.

Art can bring a range of benefits to projects and development activity – closer links with local communities, innovative and creative approaches and above all a sense of distinctiveness and character.  NN Consulting can help you build art into your projects – Arts led consultation can ensure deep community engagement and support successful planning applications as well as increasing commercial value for buildings and public realm.

The NN team’s advice and support cover the following areas:

  • Community consultation
  • Project management of arts projects
  • Commissioning, creating artists briefs  in a range of settings
  • Arts advice and guidance for  local authorities and education establishments
  • Project planning and management, translating between public/private partners
  • Community engagement projects
  • Mentoring
  • Arts project evaluations
  • Arts events and go-see visits planning and management

Please contact us to discuss your project needs and to discuss fees. We offer highly competitive rates and in using  NN Consultancy you will be supporting contemporary art in Northampton.

Call for Associates

We are currently widening our pool of associates for NN Consulting. We seek to appoint specialists in the field of public art, community arts, project management, consultation and commissioning.

To join our associates’ list you must have:

  • Understanding of the importance of the arts in a range of settings as well as the gallery environment
  • Expertise in contemporary visual arts, projects, collaborations and partnerships
  • Proven ability to provide effective advice and support on arts issues, or on processes that lead to great arts interventions.

We are particularly looking for people with experience and expertise in:

  • Public art policies/statements and other planning documents
  • Project management of development projects integrating arts and culture
  • Advocacy for arts in regeneration and community settings
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Arts improving commercial aspects of development

For more information and to apply please fill in our application form.